5 things you need to know about mortgage brokers


Though we generally read or hear so much beneficial assistance that we get from hiring mortgage brokers, there are still many things we usually do not know about them. For example, there is just a little information about how they are paid. Is it significant that they make known such information with their customers? Do you have real estate investment experiences? If not, should they need one? And many more questions. Let’s look for answers to these important things about mortgage brokers.

1. How do they really get paid?

First, you as a customer or borrower do not have to pay them. Though it is usually stated that a broker’s time is not free, it does not mean that they must pay for it. When looking for the services of mortgage brokers, it must not cost you any dollar.

2. Who pays them then?

The bank pays them for the research and the origin of the loan. Agents are paid in 2 ways: an initial commission and a follow-up commission. The initial commission is a predetermined percentage of the loan amount and is granted as a single payment. The tracking commission is the small percentage in the progress of the remaining balance of the loan.

3. Should brokers disclose how they are paid?

Of course, your broker should tell you how much money they can obtain from the investment you bought. An excellent broker will give you with a list of all the commission rates of the selected banks, as they vary for each bank and should reveal the commission that is being paid by the loan arranging.

4. Do they need real estate investment experience?

Not really. But a broker with experience in real estate investments is a positive point. As they are the investors themselves, it implies that they have an excellent background and a better understanding of the arrangement that best suits your situation. They will help you reach your future plans both as a borrower and as an investor like them. In most cases, mortgage brokers who are also investors know the best policy each bank has for particular situations. They also have a good understanding of the different borrowing capacities with lenders and help you use it for your best use. To find out more, check out mortgagebroker247.com.au

5. Why choose a mortgage broker instead of a bank?

When you work with a mortgage broker, you will have access to several banks. A mortgage broker is like your personal assistant who does all the things of mortgage loans for you, from research to preparation and completion of paper work, and even works hard to find and get the best offer for you.


With so many people there to help you, you think there would be enough information out there to assist yourself, without having to look for assistance or, worse, pay for the advice of a professional, when you have the ability to learn about the subject. After having understood the basics of a mortgage, a loan officer or lender can help you with the details and make the procedure happen. For more details, visit: http://www.mortgagebroker247.com.au/homeloans/

What to Look for in a Good Mortgage Broker in Melbourne

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What to Look for in a Good Mortgage Broker in Melbourne

There are many things you should keep in mind when choosing a mortgage broker in Melbourne and it is essential as this will guarantee the correct loan for you today and in the future. Also, it will make sure that the entire process of securing a home to live in, refunding at a lower interest rate, forming actions with your capital, etc., is carried out with as little inconvenience as possible and that is more appropriate. Align with the auxiliary professionals needed to meet not only the loan requirements but the complete financial solution.

Finding a good mortgage broker is something you should not ever rush to and there are some key factors you should search for:

A Proven Track Record

In today’s complicated market, you need a mortgage broker who has been at a good time with some good knowledge. If you have a close friend, a colleague or someone from the same line or related jobs such as a lawyer, bookkeeper or business broker who recommends a loan specialist, then you are one more step above some others and this raises the benefit of a positive experience for you.

Establishes a Good Relationship and Is Flexible

This is very important since each individual has certain scenarios that may need additional attention. Good leading impressions may be built or destroyed within the first minute of knowing someone. Because a mortgage is a personal process and often it may be a long process, having someone with whom you feel good is a good start, mainly because this relationship can last for many years.

Associations with Professional Bodies

The more professional bodies a mortgage broker is joined with then the more perspective they would be fulfilled with the strict compliance process. Professional bodies can include MFAA, MIAA, FOS, and COS to name some. Though at this point it is a great idea to request your academic qualifications and verify your broker and license numbers. Then you can check with one or all of the mentioned organisms for more information.

Do You Deal with a Huge Number of Lenders?

When a broker just deals with 1 or 2 lenders, you may lose the best possible choice for you. Usually, this may show laziness on behalf of the broker and a lack of understanding of the entire marketplace.

How Does the Broker Find the Best Solution?

A good mortgage broker will have an ordinary methodology and will not only scribble several notes on a pad but will give a computerized summary of your situation and preferences in preferably in PDF format. Ensure you know the real cost of the loan and it is always a great idea to equate it with what a bank could provide or even with one more loan advisor. In addition, taking into account the new rules and regulations of strict compliance, ensure your broker presents you with the exposes credit guide and also customer privacy statement. This is essential since failure doing this is just not complying with industry regulation.


These are some useful tips to help you choose a good mortgage broker in Melbourne. Especially, ask lots of questions; Investigate and make you feel comfortable with the person with you closely who is going through your personal circumstances.

The Difference between Direct Lenders and Mortgage Brokers

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When you’re going right through the mortgage software process, you are often presentedwith terms that might be a bit complicated. For example, what’s a direct lender and exactly how is that different than a Mortgage Broker? Moreover, how do you know whom to go through as you prepare to use for a home loan?

A direct lender also called a home loan lender can make loans directly to you, while a home loan broker gets some quotes from various lenders and that means you can compare rates.

We are here to breakdown the variations between a direct lender and large financial company and preferably make your decision process just a little easier.

Exactly what is a Direct Lender?

To put it in the most straightforward terms, direct lenders are anyone that may offer you a mortgage. This consists of private financial institutions, commercial bankers and everything in between.

When you go through a direct lender, they look after all the loan origination functions, such as:

  • Application
  • Loan terms
  • Loan processing
  • Loan underwriting
  • Loan closing

To use for a home loan, you’d go through the lender directly.

Direct Lenders versus Banks

It must be observed that there’s a considerable difference between a direct lender and a bank.

Direct lenders typically only offer mortgage-related services, while banking institutions traditionally cope with multiple types of loan services. This may make a direct lender more particular when managing the mortgage loan process, in comparison to its bank or investment company counterpart.

Additionally, banks can frequently be unyielding as it pertains to their rules and mortgage conditions.

Possible Downsides

While you decide to undergo a primary lender, you are responsible for applying singularly and independently to each lender you’re contrasting.

This may entail filling out multiple applications varieties, verifying your income, credit report and credit history, and doing several phone calls that may make the process a little time-consuming (particularly if you’re on a good schedule).

Because each direct lender is different, you may also experience a variant between rates and terms.

What Is a Mortgage Broker?

While a direct lender is an institution, a mortgage broker is a person that gathers some quotes from various lenders and then reveals their conclusions to a home buyer for assessment. Consider Mortgage brokers Melbourne, acting as the communication between the home buyer and a lender or bank or investment company.

A number of the jobs of the large financial company include:

  • Application
  • Loan Processing

The Benefits

The most evident benefit is the fact that you speak to just one single person through the mortgage application process: your large financial company. Since home loans may represent several lending sources, they can act as the intermediary for everyone communication of lender options.

The Choice Is Yours

Many people choose to utilise mortgage brokers and direct lenders alike, depending on their situation and needs. There are benefits to using either when trying to get a mortgage. The important thing to take away is to get estimates from both lender and broker to ascertain rates and ultimately the course you want to take when it’s time to obtain a mortgage.

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