Impress Your Clients By Investing In Yourself

We live in a much more informal and “laid back” society today than our parents and grandparents did.  Years ago the management and owners of major businesses and banks were never seen unless they were dressed in suits with high class shoes made with the best quality materials.  Today the president of a major high-tech corporation makes a presentation to his highest-ranking management while dressed in a turtleneck and jeans.  A top legal advisor can sit at a meeting wearing the clothes they will wear to take their children to the local museum.


However, we should by no means take that casual attitude at full face value.  Indeed, the fact that they feel comfortable enough to walk around dressed so informally may indicate their actually degree of security.  The same person you encounter wearing sneakers and jeans probably has a wardrobe of custom-made suits and finest shoes available.  And while you may never be fortunate enough to have a similar degree of income, you can still own clothing that’s as stylish and as comfortable and attractive when you order your suits from Jos A. Bank.  By looking over their website you can find exactly the style and look you desire, the one that you feel will enable you to look your best.  And you can order them for significant discounts when you use a Groupon coupon or promo code. Some save as much as 70% off.  Their Labor Day sale items can be purchased with a Groupon that can get you 40% off the list price, along with free delivery.  These items can be the ones you wear at the next conference meeting with a key account or prospective client.  That may be the occasion when you are able to close the deal that invests in the property for the next major development.


One of the best ways to gain respect and appreciation from fellow professionals and peers is by emulating their style. The future client or co-counsel will recognizes that you have enough respect for them to dress appropriately, and that wins points in the business world.  Just because you like to work in a casual environment doesn’t mean you want to treat them cavalierly.  Demonstrate that respect through your attire and you will be a step closer to having that respect returned with their reliance upon you.

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